Who are we?

The Alberta Mentorship Program supports mentorship programs focused on immigrants in rural and small urban communities. The goal is to help these newcomers become part of the Albertan workforce and economy.

Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Develop your leadership skills by becoming a mentor for a newcomer to Canada.

Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor

Connect to a mentor and ease your transition into the Albertan workplace.

About the Program

Our website provides free information about mentoring newcomers to Canada. We provide resources for organizations creating mentorship programs and potential mentors, mentees, and employers.

Build a Sustainable Mentorship Program

Design a sustainable mentorship program that creates meaningful experiences for your mentors and mentees. More Details

Choose Your Program Structure

Decide which mentorship structure is the right one for your program participants. More Details

Select a Matching System

Design an effective matching system with consideration for what your participants need and expect. More Details

Design the Participant Experience

Your program can only succeed if your participants have a good experience. More Details

Not Sure Where to Start?

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our AMP Resource Guide can help you find the resources you are looking for.

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