Alberta Mentorship Program Mission

To support mentorship programs working on career and economic integration. We will focus on new immigrants in rural and small urban communities.

What are we doing?

The program pilot will create customized mentorship programs with two community partners. We will engage with communities across Alberta to promote the Alberta Mentorship Program.

Our website provides free information about mentoring newcomers to Canada. We maintain resources for organizations creating mentorship programs and for potential mentors, mentees, and employers.

Who is supporting us?

Alberta Mentorship Program is a joint project of mentorship and employment organizations started in 2019. It is led by ERIEC in collaboration with a provincial project team and stakeholder advisory committee. The project is made possible with funding provided by the Government of Alberta through an agreement with the Government of Canada.

We Need Your Feedback!

Tell us what you think about the information and resources you have accessed on our website. All responses to our short survey will be voluntary, confidential, and anonymous.