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A successful mentoring relationship can be powerful for both the mentee and mentor. But this requires an intentional program assessment and design. Use this site to reflect on your new or existing program needs. This site will present a basic path for you to plan your mentorship program for newcomers to Canada. It will also guide you through options and tools that will help you customize your program. There is no single “right” size, style, or outcome for your program. But with thoughtful design, you can create the right mentorship program for your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if running a mentorship program for newcomers to Canada is the right fit for your organization? Find the answers to some common questions.

Why should we create a mentorship program?

A mentorship program can ease new immigrants to Canada through their transition to the Canadian workplace and build their personal and professional network.

Is my community too small to support a mentorship program?

No. Even if your community is small, there are options to recruit mentors who live in other areas to e-mentor or mentor over the phone. There may be opportunity to partner with nearby communities to increase your reach. 

How do we create a mentorship program that meets our community needs?

Start with a review of potential participants and the available resources in your community. This assessment can confirm that your program is needed and that it will address the needs of your potential partners, mentors, and mentees.

How do we create a sustainable mentorship program?

Set clear expectations for program administrators, partners, and participants so they know what they are responsible for and what time and resources are required. When people know what is expected, they are more likely to stay. 

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