Why Work with a Mentor?

For new immigrants to Canada, a mentorship relationship can help you learn about the work culture and behaviour in your new home. As a mentee, you can benefit professionally, but working on your professional network can also help you develop your personal network. This can help you feel more comfortable in Canadian culture both professionally and personally. Even in the mentorship program does not immediately help you find a job you should feel more prepared to continue the search.

When you join a mentorship program you can expect to:

  • Improve Your Job Skills: Whatever you learn about the Canadian workplace and culture during your mentorship will help you when you start a new job.
  • Find a Supportive Peer: Your mentor is there to listen, encourage, and help you work through the challenges of moving to a new country.
  • Be Collaborative: You and your mentor will create goals together and hold each other accountable for reaching those goals.
  • Grow Your Network: Mentorship will show you how to build your personal and professional network.
  • Learn Industry Trends: While there will be common trends in your industry in your home country and Canada, you can learn what things are different here and how to engage with industry organizations, companies, and people in Canada.

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