Where can I find mentors in Alberta?

Our site can connect you to mentorship programs across Alberta. These programs can pair you with professionals who share their experience and wisdom to help new or recent immigrants.

Why should I become a mentee?

Because the mentor-mentee relationship is a promising start to your professional network, helping you adjust to Canadian workplace culture, enhance professional development, and increase confidence.

What is the time commitment?

Commitment will vary from program to program, but they will set expectations from the start. For example, mentees and mentors might meet for 6 hrs/month (1.5 hrs/week) for 4 to 6 months.

How and where do I meet my mentor?

Face-to-face meetings at a public facility or place of business are recommended, but sometimes online or phone meetings may be convenient as your needs change.

How will I be matched with a mentor?

Programs will have criteria to carefully match mentees and mentors. This could be based on shared educational background, similar work experience, common career goals, or other critera.

What resources are available for mentees?

This website will provide foundational information and tools to equip you for your job search in Canada. Programs may also include orientations, workshops, and print and other online materials.

Will my mentor find me a job?

Our purpose is to prepare you for the Canadian workplace by networking and offering advice. You are responsible for our own job search.

What if I find a job during the program?

Finding a job in your field is cause for congratulations! You and your mentor would then discuss if and how you would both like to continue the program. A mentor could be a great asset as you explore your new job, but the method, duration, and number of meetings may vary.

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