What Can I Expect from My Mentor?

The role of the mentor is not to provide a job but to support your career and job search through advice, teaching, and guidance.

Your mentor will:

  • Understand the Canadian workplace culture and the job market for their profession
  • Listen to you and provide honest and helpful feedback
  • Give you an outside perspective to your ideas and challenges in your job search
  • Hold you accountable for the goals you set together
  • Share stories and advice based on their experience to help you with decisions and challenges
  • Provide contacts from their own network who may be able to help you

Your mentor will NOT:

  • Provide you with a job
  • Share anything you tell them with anyone else
  • Do the work for you to meet your career and job search goals
  • Force you to complete tasks
  • Solve challenges or make decisions for you
  • Have all the answers

A mentorship match built on common interests helps to build trust and empathy, which creates the right environment for meaningful discussions.

What is Expected from Me?

A mentee is not a passive participant in the mentoring relationship. You should expect to play an active role in your learning and your job search.

As a mentee you are expected to:

  • Value the time that the mentor gives
  • Prepare for your mentorship meetings
  • Invest in your own success and do the work needed to meet your goals
  • Be honest with your mentor about the challenges you face
  • Listen to and evaluate the advice provided by your mentor

A mentee should NOT:

  • Expect the mentor to do the work for you
  • Be expected to automatically follow all advice given by your mentor

Find a Mentor

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